Lions Stainless has a management and manufacturing staff that continuously develops itself. A company that has the ability to do business in various regions of

About Lions Stainless

Aslanlar Paslanmaz Metal Sanayi

Lions Stainless Metal Industry

LIONS Stainless Metal Industries, stainless steel water tank production combining technical infrastructure with 30 years of experience, with expert Turkey experienced staff provides services to leading companies throughout the industry. Since the day it was founded, LIONS has provided the best service to its customers and made it a principle to continually improve and renew itself.

Our main goal is to provide absolute satisfaction by working in a customer-oriented manner in all services we provide and to create a continuous and productive business environment by acquiring permanent loyalty. Our company ASLANLAR TİCARET has been proven in the field with the production of stainless steel water storage and stainless steel materials, and the development is focused every day to provide better service to you.
Since 1985, we are confidently moving forward with our team and our business partners, who make quality service and a habit of continuous development, to reach the summit in our field.

Our company has the management and manufacturing as a continuously developing company. It closely follows the technological developments that can best meet the needs of the times to the customer needs. Our immediate future target is to become the dominant company of the modular lightweight industry. Having the ability to do business in various regions of the world, our company has the ability to represent our country in the best way abroad.


Our Company's Target

The priority quality approach will always be maintained and the customer will be protected. It will endeavor to carry forward its expert staff and contemporary production technology every day. It is to become a leading stainless steel companies in Turkey.

Product Portfolio

Stainless Steel Warehouse
Stainless Water Depot
Stainless Pipe
Stainless Steel Gear Fittings
Stainless Mixer
Stainless Steel
Stainless Profile
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Flanges
Stainless Profile
Stainless Steel Sheet
Stainless Steel Rod

Our quality policy
To give the best quality and fastest service to our customers,
To work in compliance with legal regulations,
To give importance to environment and human health,
To increase customer satisfaction continuously,
To contribute to the awareness of our staff and their career development,
To ensure the satisfaction of our employees,
To maintain and maintain the trustworthy and honest image of our company formed in our business partners,
Our Quality Policy


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